Welcome to my website!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my website. I’m sure some of you have been able to purchase my little book by now. I hope as you and your special little ones read the pages, you are feeling a bit of ..not only the Cajun spirit, but also the Holy Spirit through the care and compassion of the characters.

Did you know that the Acadians who left their country were people who Stood Firm in what they believed? Their churches were being burned down and they were exiled from their land. These people were strong, and they passed down their strength of character to the present day Cajuns who live in several places in the United States. But in a place called Acadiana, many of their customs and traditions, along with the influence of others they met and learned from when they arrived, are still celebrated!

Cajuns love life and love celebrating! Music and food bring people together! We believe in having a festival for anything and everything. This is why family ties are strong and people in general believe in taking care of one another, encouraging one another, and believing in one another’s potential and carrying out dreams. So many motivational speakers and believers speak of the power of being positive. For most Cajuns, this comes naturally in their simplicity. Children are perfect examples of this through their simplicity! We can learn a lot from the children about what it means to choose simplicity, joy, and acceptance.

Rebuilding the Cajun Way is in memory of my two children who are now with the Lord. I know that they live on, and I know that they are fulfilling their purpose in God’s kingdom. Encourage the little ones in your life to believe in themselves… and believe in them and their dreams! When you do, you will see their lives bear fruit. They will believe in you.. and your impact upon the good they will do will return to you in a way you never imagined!

Tina Hebert